Grinshill - Spiderman Walls

Cracks, corners, aretes and faces can all be found here.
From the Corbett Woods parking cross the start of the main path then head right (staying high). Take the second of the vague paths then turn right just past a stump seat, heading towards a wooden railing. Walk down past the railing as for VX, but keep going straight to access the Spiderman area.
Lat: 52.80826100 Lon: -2.70379000 View on Google

1The Crack5The obvious crackline.
2Spiderman Corner6AThe short corner.
3Spoonless Speech6AThe left side of the arete.
4Speechless Spoon6A The right side of the arete.
5Spoonless6BThe centre of the slightly overhanging wall.