Photo: Patricia Novelli
A range of styles and grades on rounded natural outcrops and straight cut quarries.
In contrast to Nesscliffe, the climbing is spread across many venues scattered throughout the woods and hillside.
The Rock is slightly softer than that found Nesscliffe and areas less well travelled or those deeper in the woods tend to green up quickly, so a good soft bristled brush is highly recommended for any visit.
Travel on the A49 into Preston Brockhurst.
Turn off on a sharp bend towards towards Clive.
Follow this road to a left turn for Corbet Woods.
Follow lane all the way to car park at the bottom.
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AreaProblemsGrade Range
Church Quarry66A - 7B
The Pancake45 - 7A
Conflict Wall35 - 6B
Crinkle Wall64 - 5
Pocket Wall44 - 6A+
Roly Poly Wall16B - 6B
Middle Rocks Overhang94+ - 6A+
Middle Rocks Brutus Wall53 - 6C+
Middle Rocks Slip Wall Left84 - 6A
Middle Rocks Slip Wall Right34 - 5+
Bat Rocks Western Limits14 - 4
Bat Rocks Bulge45 - 7A
Bat Rocks Wall25 - 6A
Bat Rocks Dyno34 - 5
Bat Rocks Drop Off24 - 4
Bat Rocks Eastern Limits15 - 5
The Prow46C - 7A
The Prow Side Walls25+ - 6A
The Prow Back Quarry26C+ - 7A
Ass Creek94 - 6C
Bean74 - 7B+
White Tower27A - 7B
The Dug Out306A - 7C+
Lower Quarry Cave16A - 6A
Lower Quarry Block26C+ - 6C+
Room 101105 - 7A
Vx26C - 6C
Spiderman Walls55 - 6B
Oak Bloc Wall46B - 6C