Welcome to Shropshire Bouldering

Although it may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of UK climbing destinations, Shropshire boasts a solid amount of climbing. From the nationally significant to the wonderfully esoteric, routes and problems of all styles and grades can be found scattered across the county for those who know where to look.

This site sets out to be the definitive guide for bouldering in the Shropshire area and will be continually updated as new developments occur. If you spot any errors or omissions, have climbed a new route or developed a new area, please get in touch using the contact link.

The Area

The majority of the developed bouldering takes place on the sandstone edges of the county. These vary from rounded natural bluffs to square cut quarries.

Rock shoes, chalk and a bouldering pad is all that is required to enjoy the problems here, although a good selection of soft bristled brushes is recommended, especially for the lesser travelled venues.

For those wishing to seek out the more esoteric lines, a small rope, harness and abseil device are strongly advised to allow for pre-inspection and cleaning or to help navigate chossy top outs.


This site uses the font bouldering grade throughout. It is what I am most familiar with and seems to be the most common grading scale used around the country. Previous guides to the area have used a mix of V grades and British tech grades, which I have done my best to convert. Where possible I've used my own experience to assist in grading each problem, however I've not climbed them all (yet) and of those I have climbed, many were some years ago.