Grinshill - Room 101

Airy highballs on the main face, flanked by shorter and more technical problems on the side walls.
From the Corbett Woods parking cross the start of the main path then head right (staying high). Take the third of the vague paths then then a right fork heading downhill. Follow this track until a small outcrop appears on your left. From Here Room 101 ins don the bank on your right.
Lat: 52.80828200 Lon: -2.70462800 View on Google

1Todays Horror6BCentre of the wall eliminate. Pass the lower break is hard but the wall is even harder.
2Victory Cigarettes6BL-R traverse following the top break
3Victory Cigarettes 27AFollow Victory Cigarettes to the alcove but then stay low with your feet in the break using micro feature to make it to the corner.
4Corner Of Horrors6BStraightforward bridging up the corner
5Girls Generation6BA thin series of pockets past the large bore hole and the top.
6Thought Crime6BJust left of centre of the wall.Rock up onto the foot break then a sequence of small pockets to reach the mother pocket at the top of the wall. Worrying top out !
7Newspeak6BIncreasingly bold & serious undertaking, move right to a hard top out.
8CPR Corner6AVaguely more testing than it appears up the corner.
9Double Think6A+Using side pull slots in the wall dyno for the top.
108-Ball5The arete with large holds to the top.