Nesscliffe - The Terrace

A concentrated selection of hard problems with some of the best views on offer.
From the car park enter the woods and turn right and follow the main path until you reach the stairs. From the top of the stairs follow the track on your left up the hillside. When you reach the bold arete of Open Air (E3) continue straight, passing all the Kynastons cave areas, to a stone staircase. At the top of the stairs where they join the path, head right for a short distance until a tunnel through the bushes takes you to the Terrace.
Lat: 52.76726600 Lon: -2.91261200 View on Google

1Ceiling6AA line up the left of the steepening, avoid the deep crack on the left.
2Nesscliffe Witch Project6CA dangerous line through the widest part of the brown roof via a broken letter box, sit start.
3Rigpa7CSit start to a tiny right cut corner then powerful moves round the bulge (originally to a razor edge that has since broken, now to a slopey crimp)
4Northumberland Wonderland7ASit start, climb the obvious central line via a neat pinch and strenuous shallow scoop over the roof bulge.
5Kyloe In7A+Start at the finger slot, up with a long reach left, slap right with precision to gain slopers. Used to be 7C until hold breakage.
6Right Hand Route6B+The steep wall using the slots and knobby hold with direct fnish, sitting start.
7Petes Route7AStart as for Right Hand Route, and after the first pull up, move out left and up.
8Round About5The rounded left arete of the crack at the righthand end of the wall to a horizontal break.
9Little Northumberland7CA superb right to left traverse of the wall. Start as for Right Hand Route.
10Half A Northumberland4The second half of the little northumberland traverse is popular
11Little Wonderland7C+Little Northumberland finishing up Northumberlan Wonderland
12Welcome To The Wood7C+Little Northumberland into Kyloe In
13Northumberland Little7CStarting from the slots/slopes above the paint, reverse the crux of Little Northumberland and finish up Right-Hand Route
14One Inch Pinch7A+Eliminate right of Right Hand Route. Start with left hand on small horizontal pinch crimp and right on right hand crimp. pull on and up to right hand pinch, rearrange feet and pop with left hand for the break.
15Fluid Dynamics7C+Little Northumberland into Rigpa
16Nor-Lit-Nor8ANorthumberland Little into Little Northumberland
17The Animal Within8BClimb Nor-Lit-Nor into Rigpa Indirect.
18Sams Direct Northumberland Wonderland Eliminate7A+Take the flange hold with Left instead of right, and then sloper hold with right, before going up to normal left hand hold and finishing the same.
19Nesscliffe Witch Project RH Direct6BFrom the remaining pocket in the loose slot with right hand, make a long reach rolling over with land hand to the obvious high break line which is better the higher you reach.
20Nor-lit-nor Long8Anor lit nor from the far left of the butress and back again. (locals start)
21Nor-lit-nor Sams Sit7Cclimb northumberland wonderland sams sit, but go up to the slot with left hand not right hand (using poor right sidepulls), from the slot join the left to right traverse and then go back again to far end of buttress.
22The Little Sam Link8A+Nor-lit-Nor into wonderland direct
23For Those Who Came Before Me8A+Nor-Lit-Nor into Kyloe In
24Northumberland Wonderland Sams Sit7BSitting below the crux slot of nor-lit-nor, Pull off the ground using a small side pull and a finger jam in a just above ground level slot. Make a hard move up to get the nor-lit-nor slot with right hand, now climb Northumberland wonderland direct (sam's version)
25Big Move Thing7A+?????????
26Rigpa Indirect7C+Starting in the centre of the buttress, where Nor-Lit-Nor begins, with right hand on the sloper and left crossed over in the slot. Move left hand to the pinch hold up and left. cross right hand over to the crimp directly above. Move out left to crimp on rigpa. Hard lockoff moves to get the right onto the slopping crimp rail, match in with left, pop for top
27Punch Your Card8A+Little Northumberland into Rigpa Indirect.
28Ellies Traverse4Sit start as for Little Northumberland, move right into the corner, traverse behid the oak to the low slopey shelf. Mantel this to finish.
29Rhododendron Rid4The left side of the rib 2m right of the oak.