Nesscliffe - Kynastons Cave Wall

Easy access with a high concentration problems makes these walls the most popular area at the crag.
From the car park enter the woods and turn right and follow the main path until you reach the stairs. From the top of the stairs follow the track on your left up the hillside. When you reach the bold arete of Open Air (E3) continue straight to soon find yourself at Kynastons Cave. (Slab, Scoop and Ed's wall are adjoining)
Lat: 52.76798800 Lon: -2.91417200 View on Google

1Sharp Slap6AFrom sitting, climb up the wall right of the corner.
2The Highway Man’s Escape Route6CFrom the corner left of Jug U’L, traverse right staying low until the end of the roof.
3Jug U La5+Up the niche to the jug rail. Following the rail all the way to the right.
4Dead Head6AFrom sitting below the widest part of the roof, the obvious pull throught the overlap then direct to the jug rail.
5Sand Dish??????
6Meat Hooks6ATricky moves to get established on the slopey shelf left of Planch, then a long layaway to the break.
7Meat Unhooked??Running problem using no hand holds up the line of meat hooks.
8Did Nick Tick?6C+To the left of the Planch. Once you've chosen your holds, pull on and get a left foot on the top of the slopey ledge (Kneebar to help), up to mono crimp with left, pinch with right hand, then up left to the good jug in the break.
9Planch7AThe difficult planch move from the sandy holds to the break.
10Il Y A 6CJust left of Berlin's Fallen, undercut up with your right hand.
11Stazi6CJust left of Berlin's Fallen, undercut up with your left hand.
12Berlin's Start6AUp the zig zag flake to the break. The start of the route Berlin Wall E8 6c.
13Berlin's Fallen6B+Up the flake then traverse right, with the trickiest moves at the end.
14Reunification7B+From the finish of Berlins Fallen, follow the break leftwards along to reach the finishing hold of Planche.
15Sabred Shield6BStarting on the sharp shield as for berlins fallen stand straight up reaching for a sharp two finger pocket up and left then adjust feet and reach for deadpoint crimp under small roof.
16Chipper5+The chipped flakes
17Chipper Sit7AThe sit start to Chipper, much better than the stand start version.
18CUN-Trol7A+Starts with Left Hand on the polished rail that is used for a foothold halfway through Berlins Fallen. Hop up to the sharp side pull with your right. After some high foot work you throw to the holds on the traverse.
19Niche4Make an awkward step into the niche then hand traverse the short wall on the right
20Berlin Wall Traverse7BLeft to right traverse from below the right end of the Jug U La roof to Niche
21Full Berlin Wall Traverse7CLeft to right traverse from the corner, staying low through Jug U la and finishing at Niche.
22The Super Travesre??Start in the corner and traverse to the end of Ed's wall. "Long, complex and spiritually tiring"