Named for its secret location on restricted land, this gently overhanging micro wall is covered with unique holes and pockets just made for strenuous finger workouts and all above good flat landings. Total tree shade makes this an ideal venue for hot summer days. Although Area 51 is within a few hundred metres of a public bridleway it lies on private forestry land. Access to the crag seems to be tolerated, it is not guaranteed.
Travelling north from Shrewsbury on the A49 pass a left turn to Lee Brockhurst. Half a kilometre further on is a right turn to Stanton Booley the next right turn is unmarked and is the start of the bridleway access lane. Parking is either just past the bridleway entrance in a layby on the left or on the grass verge at the start of the bridleway tarmac road. Do drive or park along the bridleway access lane.
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Area 5194 - 6C
Area 4124 - 5