Pimhill - Pump Wall Left

A less frequented venue with some interesting problems.
From the parking, walk NE along lane for 100mtrs, pass through two gates on the left, turn right and follow a path along the forest edge for a couple of minutes. A small path leads up the open forest slope to the crag.
Lat: 52.78042400 Lon: -2.75935200 View on Google

1Pump Wall Traverse6A+L-R Ground to ground. Start up a strenuous diagonal crack to a ‘flat ledge hold’ follow a crack linewhich turns to hard moves on pockets across Green Snapper move down to cross scary loose ground (better rock high up a but major drop) once in Razor Crack move upto the break which is followed back to the ground.
2Pimp5Start as for the Pump Wall traverse but only as far as the ‘flat ledge hold’ then jump down.
3Pump6A+The best and hardest part of the Pump Wall traverse following the diagonal crack past the ‘flat ledge hold’ to makethe hard pocket moves across the Green Snapper, move down the dusty diagonal break to the ground.
4Climp5Start just right and below the ‘flat ledge hold’ at 12’, climb the wall from a scooped foot hold at 3’ and slightly dusty handholds moving left to the ‘flat ledge hold’..
5Green Snapper6AExcellent. 6’ right of Climp is a short (12”) vertical crack at head height an obvious butpoor pocket to its left. Using the poor pocket and not the ledge to its left, climb the green wall using more pockets to follow athin crack with a rounded finishing hold on the left at the break, reversing the top moves before jumping down.
6Fusion5Start on the right of the short vertical crack, using a two finger pocket at full stretch in a thin diagonal crackclimb the wall moving vaguelly left to a good horiziontal slot to finish.