Ippikins Rock - Main Area

Lat: 52.56487500 Lon: -2.63488300 View on Google

16C+Start in the breaks at the back left of the bulge. Traverse out then pull out over the bulge. Then continue up the groove to the break.
27AMove out along positive holds to the bulge. Then make the big move out left and up to the positive crimp. Continue up the left arĂȘte to good holds.
35Follow the obvious break diagonally right then pull over the bulge on big holds.
46CSeated start on the crimps, from the break move onto the undercuts in the roof. Then reach round onto the face and continue up the scoop.
54+Seated start. Follow the good jugs up the arete.
65Seated start from the flat sloper. Follow jugs to the break.
7??Seated start from the crimps. Pull through jugs to the break, then pull onto the face.
8Karfi7CStay under the roof the whole time, pull onto the left face of the prow